RUF Freshman Fellowship (Tuesdays @ 8p)


  • who:  freshmen who wanna connect w other freshmen & RUF

  • what:  music, desserts, brief message, small group discussions & prayer

  • When:  Tuesdays @ 8-9:15p (dinner beforehand @ bolton with rides to group after)

  • where:  Redeemer church's "firestone" room (165 pulaski st)

  • Click here and we'll reach out to share more!

First Meeting of the Semester= Tuesday, 8/21 @ 8pm

Redeemer Map.png

Statistically, some of the loneliest people in America are college freshmen on campus.  How's this true when freshmen are literally surrounded by thousands of people every day?  We eat together, work out together, live together, and sit in class together.  How can it still feel like you're on your own?  Because we're surrounded by lots of acquaintances (people who know your name but not our story) but few close friends (people who know how the pieces of your life fit together into your story).  We want that to change!

RUF FRESHMAN FELLOWSHIP is here to be a place that's easy to slip into on your first visit, connect with other freshmen, build deeper friendships, hear a thought-provoking message from Scripture, and share the ups and downs of the year with people who care.  Join us for dinner every Tuesday night at Bolton Dining Commons from 6:45-7:45p and then head over to Redeemer Church's "Firestone Room" (a one-minute drive from Bolton) for what will become one of your favorite hours of the week.